Here are a few thoughts on how I approach anything that I work on.


  1. It’s all about the song – It is essential to have a great melody and lyrics. You can dress up just about anything but in music it all comes down to lyrics and melody
  2. “You win with people” – An old Woody Hayes quote that is true about football teams, music production and come to think of it…. life in general.
  3. “Aces in their Places” – Find the very best talent and have them do that one thing that they are the best at. No “jack of all trades” around here.
  4. Any tool it takes to get the job done right – old analog gear, brand new cutting edge technology, funky old vintage instruments, shiny new stomp boxes, laptop, desktop, 192kHz, MP3…. whatever it takes
  5. Flawed yet honest always trumps fake and precise – I always strive to bring out a perfect take form every player and artist but I’d much rather hear a little dirt in someone’s voice that is totally convinced what they are singing than hear a flawless performance from someone that does not believe or care what they are trying to communicate
  6. Beg, borrow and steal – Originality is the ability to conceal your influences so it’s important to have some good idea of what’s been created and what is being created right now.
  7. Quality not quantity – An amazing four song EP is worth much more than a ten song album full of mediocre songs and half slack production
  8. You get what you pay for – Never go cheap… inexpensive? Yes. Cheap? No. You’ll always regret it later (especially when you have to do it over the way it should have been done the first time around).
  9. Less is more- ’nuff said
  10. There’s no such thing as can’t- It’s either a question of will or resources and if you have the will, you’ll get the resources.